[2] History of The Muslims of Bengal – Influence of Muslim Rulers In a Caste-Ridden Society

The simple concept of monotheism and the principles of equality and brotherhood of man enunciated by Islam came as a revolutionary force to the caste – ridden and Brahman-dominated Hindu society. The very establishment of Muslim rule in the country divested the Brahman class of its privileged and domineering position in society. Muslims could not and did not have to distinguish between the ” high ” and “low” castes of the Hindus and in course of time placed all of them on an equal footing in respect of employment and education.  Non – Brahman Hindus acquired a respectable position in society through education, state employment and literary activities patronized by the Muslim rulers.


[Source: History of The Muslims of Bengul Vol 1B page 805. Publisher: Imam Muhammad Bin Sa’ud University. First Edition 1406H/1985

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