A Short Notification to The Who Says, ‘’Why can’t we consider people in other countries to be scholars when it is the case that….

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Some people – (especially some of those who think that a person they consider to be knowledgeable is not being given his right status) – argue that why can’t we consider people in some other countries to be scholars when it is the case that they graduated and have been teaching for over twenty years just like their classmates who are now considered to be scholars?! We say to them, ‘’The scholars are declared to be scholars by those who are qualified to give them such a title. It is not left to me (a commoner) or yourself [a commoner; (unless am unaware that you have reached the level of those who are qualified to decide who is worthy of being called a scholar or not)]; rather there are those qualified to give this verdict based on what they know about the one they regard to be from the scholars. See what Shaikh Fawzaan says about Shaikh Rabee;


After listening to the above, you (the one who utters this argument) should also know that it not enough to be declared a scholar, rather a person has to be upon a sound methodology because one is judged by the people of knowledge based on what he is upon. See what Shaikh Rabee says here


Finally, here is link to give you more insight into this affair.


May Allaah grant us Thabaat, Ikhlaas and Husnul Khaatimah. Aameen

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