Foolish Hizbis Refer To Some Deviated Young Caller As ‘Shaikh’

Shaikh Firkoos (may Allaah preserve him) was asked about applying the term Shaikh’ to everyone who enters into the field of teaching, dawah etc

The Shaikh stated that a ‘Shaikh’ is everyone who has exceeded the age of 50 –above middle age and under old age….. As for a Shaikh in the affairs of knowledge, it is applied to everyone who is advanced in age and has gained a lot of experience in various sciences and is well acquainted with it. He is able to refute Shubuhaat and establish evidences, which manifests in his ability in affairs of knowledge, and the guidance and cultivation he gives the people. He is far removed from following desires and desiring what the people possess. So it is not allowed for a beginner student to be given this title in affairs of knowledge even if he has acquired some of the sciences or is a graduate from a university, or has memorized some of Sunan of the Prophet, or has certificates, recommendations etc listen to speech here:

[End of Paraphrased Excerpt]

So where are those foolish Hizbis who refer to some deviated youngster as ‘Shaikh’ when it is the case that neither has that deviant reached the age of 50 nor has any scholar referred to him as such. As for their deviated elders, then they are merely Shuyookh in age and not in knowledge because they are people of deviation and desires. We ask Allaah to protect us from carelessness and foolishness. Aameen

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