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[6] A Series in Response to Abu Usaama’s Habitual Deceitfulness- [The False Claim That There Is That ‘DRAMA’ Between Us and Him]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

In his deceptive response to the Friday incident at Al-Markazus Salafi, the bid’ee stated that whilst leaving the Masjid he told one of the brothers not to expose the common people to the drama we have between ourselves (i.e. between us and him).

Reader: There is no drama between us and the Bid’ee, rather he is being wilfully oblivious of the fact that we do not behave in the manner he behaves. It would be praiseworthy if he strives to address his personality problems, rather than project onto others problems he needs to address within himself. There is no drama between him and the Salafiyyoon; rather the affair between us and him is nothing else other than a clear distinction between Salafiyyah and misguidance. Therefore, O reader! Read carefully the words of Ustaadh Amjad Rafiq (hafidhahullaah) regarding this clear distinction between us and the Bid’ee, and you will come to know that our affair with him involves no drama at all. Ustaadh Amjad stated:

Ibn al-Qayyim said in al-Fawaa’id:

A Lofty Benefit: The Basis, Origin of Every Knowledge and Action:

The basis, origin of all theoretical knowledge and every wilfully chosen action are the thoughts (khawaatir) and ideas (afkaar). For they necessitate conceptions (visualisations, imaginations) [in the minds], and these conceptions invite towards iraadaat (i.e. the desires, will, intent for something), and these iraadaat require the occurrence of the action. And the frequent repetition of the occurrence of this action, then leads to a habit.  Hence, the rectitude of all of these steps lies in the rectitude of the (initial) thoughts and ideas, and the corruption (of all these steps) lies in them also..

So understand this, and know that the directions taken by the likes of Abu Usamah and Abdul-Qadir and  others who associated with Salafiyyah for many years, but without grasping the true realities of the fitan  that were to come, and without giving due importance to the manaahij of the Salaf, was due to their general ignorance and lack of perception of historical realities and truths, and facts that pertained to the fitnah of Ikhwaaniyyah, in contemporary da’wah, and in the absence of this, they continued upon flawed perceptions till this day, and this perfectly explains the behaviour that is now emerging from them. Even if from certain angles they knew certain things, they missed the important perspectives by far and as Abu Usamah often speaks about “sophistication”, but unfortunately he himself lacks it, and was not able to grasp matters and gain clear, comprehensive thoughts with respect to them.

Instead of basing perceptions upon a comprehensive understanding of the Usool of the Salaf, the people who went astray did so because they had their perceptions built upon isolated events and occurrences. As an example, the Gulf War, or the fitnah of Safar and Salman, or the fitnah of Ihyaa at-Turaath or the fitnah of al-Ma’ribee. And this is what subsequently determined their behaviour and outlook. This is what we are seeing with Abu Usamah and Abdul-Qadir and their likes. Their mistake and error is known by the fact that this new wave of polemic that has come from them, only came after the fitnah of al-Ma’ribee, which shows that this is a new orientation they have brought that is newly arisen. But even though it is a new orientation, its roots can still be traced to the fitnahs that preceded it like that of Ar’oor and Shayijee and others.

As for the Salafees, then their manhaj has not changed, because their perceptions have not changed, because their perceptions were only ever based upon the Usool of the Manhaj of the Salaf, especially where the fitnah of al-Ikhwaan was concerned. Hence, there is consistency in their stances, their positions, the application of their principles, and this was uniform and remained the same for the fitnahs of Qutb, Safar and Salman, Suroor, Turaath, Ar’oor, Maghraawi and Ma’ribee.

The Salafees never changed, there was a natural progression in their views and stances in each of these fitnahs, because in reality, these fitnahs were all connected and stemmed from each other. So in reality, those who brought something new are the followers of al-Ma’ribee, and they know this themselves, because prior to the fitnah of al-Maghraawee and al-Ma’ribee all those who ascribed to Salafiyyah at large, were actually united upon the deviation of Ar’oor and Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul-Khaaliq and Safar and Salman and ash-Shayijee and others, they all took the criticisms of the scholars, even if some were found who praised them, and they all knew that something of the manhaj of Ikhwaan was found with these people.

So the likes of Abu Usamah know this, and this is actually a hujjah upon them, to show that they are the ones who changed and they are the ones who brought something new, not the other way around. There is no natural progression in their Usool, rather this changed, as is clear. And they got affected, just like their predecessors from the followers of Safar and Salman, or Ar’oor got affected, and thereafter they still thought they were upon Salafiyyah when in reality the ideas and concepts and their general polemic was actually Ikwhaanee in essence. [End of quote]

So understand this well O Salafi! The above statement of Ustaadh Amjad regarding the Bid’ee shows that there is no drama between us and him. Rather after the proofs were establish against him through Shaikh Ahmad An-Najmi’s (rahimahullaah) verdict, we only give him what he deserves- treating him just like we treat other obstinate and open callers to bidah principles. He is the one eager to see that Drama he craves for between us and him, whilst he thrives on attention by way of the false principles he upholds and the Mubtadi’ah he praises.

We do not play into his hands and end up having that drama he craves for between us and him; rather we make a clear distinction whilst making known why he is refuted and boycotted. Indeed if our affair with him was about the drama he claims, we would have ended up behaving like him in the takeaways and streets, for he seeks after physical fights with Salafis and uses obscene language against them. Therefore, the sensible person would have by now realised who in reality craves for that drama and acts in a manner that necessitates that drama!

And Allaah knows best

To be continued…In-Shaa-Allaah

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