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Conclusion: A Series in Response to Abu Usaama’s Habitual Deceitfulness

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

This is the final post regarding the affair of the Bid’ee [Abu Usaama] but we will return InShaaAllaah whenever the Bid’ee attempts to defile the Salafi Manhaj.

The Bid’ee places himself as on the side of the “so called moderates’’ while those who question this corrupt moderation with clear proofs are a people who exceed the limits! Greenlane’s Admin invites deviant speakers from Al-Maghrib Institute and Ihyaa At-Turaath, whilst the Bid’ee provides flimsy cover for their Hizbiyyah. One is immediately placed in the ‘Ghulaat Register’ by the Bid’ee when his and Greenlane’s corrupt alliances are critically questioned based on what the Salafi Manhaj necessitates. On the other hand, one is considered a moderate when he accommodates those people of bidah who are close to the Bid’ee and Greenlane’s Admin – a corrupt trait of the ‘Hizbi Enterprise.’

In a sign of increasing frustration, the Bid’ee always deceives when seeking to aid Greenlane’s Admin after a series of devastating refutations against them by the students at Salafipublications (may Allaah preserve them). [Visit Salafis.Com | The Salafi Call and Methodology and read articles titled: The Conference of Greenlane Lane Mosque (Singers and Ikhwanis)]

Likewise, the Bid’ee’s employers at Greenlane invite speakers to help them conceal their crimes against the Salafi Manhaj, side by side with Dr Ali Shibl, telling unsuspecting listeners that they should not lend an ear to those who refute Greenlane’s Admin. They invited a number of foreign speakers to conceal their true state of affairs, but to no avail. These were desperate tactics that neither distracted the Salafiyyoon nor weakened their resolve by the Tawfeeq of Allaah.

The Bid’ee is happy to carry on being the disgraced ring leader of the ‘Hizbi Advocacy Service’. As the main public stuntman of Greenlane’s Admin, he has spent quite a few years specialising in Hizbiyyah and deception- the ‘prime mover’ and ‘essential cog’ in the ‘Joint Hizbi Enterprise’. His usual last-ditch attempt to win the sympathy of his unsuspecting followers has always been, ‘’Shaikh Abdul Muhsin Al-Abbaad does not see that Al-Maribi is a Mubtadi’’. The reader is strongly advised to read the article in this link because it destroys this deceitful argument utilised by the Bid’ee in order to downplay the affair of a dangerous and vile Mubtadi. Also listen here:

We ask Allaah for Ikhlaas, Thabaat and Husnul Khaatimah


A Series in Response to Abu Usama’s Habitual Deceitfulness

[11] A Series in Response to Abu Usaama’s Habitual Deceitfulness-[SP’s Salafiyyah Is a Great Source of Heartache, Grief and Anxiety For The Bid’ee!]




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