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[H] Preserving Security – [Fulfilling Our Covenant with Allaah]

Shaikh Muhammad Baazmool (may Allaah preserve him) said:

Among the proofs (showing) that the preservation of security is everyone’s obligation (is the fact that it) necessitates the fulfilment of our covenant with Allaah, that we will listen to the rulers and obey  (them in good); for the bay’ah (the oath of allegiance we give to the Muslim ruler) that we will listen to him and obey him in good, necessitates that we hasten towards the (means of maintaining a state) of security and safety for this Ummah, and prevent every possible evil from the Muslims. It is not permissible for anyone to use others as an excuse – the mistakes or shortcomings of others cannot be a justification for you to commit mistakes and shortcomings (i.e. just because others are not fulfilling their duties, whether the rulers or their subjects, we cannot use that as an excuse to do that which will bring about insecurity in the land).

So let us put our hands on one another’s and confront every affair that will terminate our state of security.

Let us be one hand in opposing every event among those events that will lead to a loss of security.

Let us re-examine ourselves and urge ourselves towards obedience.

Let us advise each other with truth and enjoin one another with it.

Let us reject evil and sins, enjoin good and forbid evil.

Let us manifest the Sunnah and it’s followers, and warn against bidah and it’s followers.

Let us fulfil the rights of Allah in relation to what Allaah commanded us to do with regards to lending an ear to the Muslim rulers and obeying (them) in good.

Let us pay attention to our children.

Let us direct our spouses to the truth and the straight path.

[Source: Silsilah Ar-rasaa’il Al-ManhajiyyahFin-Nus’hi Wal-Irshaad Wat-taw’iyah’ pages 27-28. Slightly paraphrased]

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To be continued…InShaaAllaahj

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