Words of Benefit & Wisdom from ibn Mas’ood (radiAllahuanhu)

A man came to Ibn Mas’ood and said, “Teach me (some) comprehensive and beneficial statements”; so he (Ibn Mas’ood) said, “Worship Allaah and do not associate anything with Him (in worship); be with the Qur’aan wherever it is (i.e. to be in agreement with it); whoever comes to you with truth – whether he is young or old, and even if he is (someone) not close to you and is (someone) you hate, then (still) accept it from him, and whoever comes to you whilst lying, then reject it, even if he is beloved and close to (you).

[Source: مساوئ الأخلاق ومذمومها – page 72; Abubakr Muhammad Bin Jafar Bin Sahl Ash-Shaamiriy (rahimahullaah); Born 240AH and dies 327AH

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