Virtue of Hastening to Marriage – Al Imaam ibn Baz

The virtue of taking the first opportunity to get married.

Al Imaam ibn Baz (rahimahullah) was asked about delaying marriage due to certain reasons, from them: an individual’s (male or female)  job, their social and financial circumstances and studies.

The answer:

What is required is to take the first opportunity to get married. The youth (young man & women) should not delay marriage for the reason of studies.

And the young women should not delay marriage for the reason of studies, as marriage does not prevent anything from that. And it is possible for the young man to get married and preserve his religion, his manners and lower his gaze and at the same time he continues to study.

And likewise for the young women, when Allah makes it easy for her a compatible match, she should hasten to get married even if she is still studying. All of this does not prevent (marriage).

So what is required is to take the first opportunity and to agree to marriage if a compatible person proposes. And studies does not prevent that.

And if a part of the studies was left out, then that’s still ok. What’s important is that you learn that which makes you know your religion. And the rest is a (extra) benefit.

And in marriage there are numerous advantages, especially in this time (we are in), and due to the harm that’s upon the young women and men in delaying it.

Therefore, what is required upon all young men and all young women is to take the first opportunity to get married when a compatible proposer is made possible for a woman.

And when a good woman is made possible for the young man, he should take this opportunity, acting upon the saying of the noble Messenger (upon him be the salaah and salaam) is the authentic Hadith:

“O youth, those who are able amongst you to get married; then he should marry; for indeed it is better in lowering the gaze, and more preserving for the private parts, and whoever is unable, then he should fast, for indeed it is a shield for him” [Agreed upon].

And this includes both the young men and women, and it is not specific to the men, but it is general for both, as both of them are in need of getting married. We ask Allah guidance for everyone.

Narrated by Al-Bukhari in the Book of marriage, chapter (The saying of the Prophet (sallaAllahu alayhi wa sallam:

“Whoever is able amongst you to get married then he shall get married) [#5065].

And Muslim in the Book of marriage. Chapter (Recommendation to get married for the one whose soul desires it) [#1400].


[1] رواه البخاري في (النكاح)، باب (قول النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم: “من استطاع منكم الباءة فليتزوج “)، برقم: 5065، ومسلم في (النكاح)، باب (استحباب النكاح لمن تاقت نفسه إليه)، برقم: 1400.

مجموع فتاوى ومقالات متنوعة المجلد العشرون.

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