The Best Gift from Parent to Child – Shaykh Zayd bin Haadi


Al Allaamah Zayd bin Haadi Al Madkhalee (rahimahullah) said:

And the best thing that a father can give and present to his
son is teaching him Islamic knowledge and to connect him with the teachings of Islam and also to take care of him in this great affair, Along with safeguarding his body and his character, morals and manners. And his care is one that should be complete (in every way) and he (the father) is rewarded for it.

Therefore, what great reward will he have with Allaah the Blessed and the Most High.

And the female child is the same as the male child in regards to the care required from both parents. And this is with regards to the father. As for the mother, then her reward is also according to the good she does for her son and daughter.
‘Awn Al Ahad As Samad Sharh Adabul Mufrad 10/1

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