The Principles of Debate – By Ustaadh Abu Hakeem

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy


All praise is due to Allaah. The Salafiyyoon are serious people and they do not entertain the foolishness of any caller to deviation. Some misguided young fools have adopted a methodology for themselves related to debate – arguing, speculating, jesting and causing confusion- yet they seek to attribute this foolishness of theirs to knowledge and the way of the Salaf.

Indeed, a serious person who truly desires insight into affairs of knowledge should neither enter into what he is not worthy of nor should he approach any affair of the religion based on ignorance. Therefore, we remind ourselves and our younger brothers and sisters that time is precious and short, so let us spend it in what will increase us in sound understanding and righteous deeds.

As this subject matter regarding debate is one that some have entered into due to ignorance and short-sightedness, we remind ourselves and our younger brothers and sisters that we educate ourselves on this subject matter if possible – not for the purpose of debating, rather we learn based on proof and insight in order to safeguard ourselves from the methodology of those foolish ones.

Here are a series of lectures by Ustaadh Abu Hakeem (may Allaah preserve him) regarding the principles of debate. So exercise patience upon seeking after a sound understanding –InShaaAllaah- based on these tremendous series of lectures if you have extra time besides the regular lessons attended in the Salafi Masaajid and Centres. We ask Allaah for beneficial knowledge and righteous actions. Aameen


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