Think About The Status of Shaikh Fawzaan in The Eyes of Ahlus Sunnah and What He Thinks About Himself

Allaamah Saaleh al-Fawzaan responded to the one who regarded him a defender of Islaam, saying: ‘’As for your statement that I defend Islaam, I am not of this status; I am lesser than that; I am deficient and I seek Allaah’s forgiveness……” [Ref 1]

The Shaikh was also asked: How can we attain the (level) of Shaikh Bin Baaz’s knowledge and your (level in) knowledge?

Answer: We do not possess knowledge, (but) as for Shaikh Bin Baaz, yes he has knowledge [may Allaah forgive him and (grant) him mercy]; as for us, we are Masaakeen (i.e. poor, very lacking in our knowledge etc) like yourselves, but it is obligated on us to learn… [Ref 2]


[Ref 1] Download and listen to audio here:

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