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[3] Those Sahaabah Who Died In Makkah

Abu At-Tufayl Aamir Bin Waathilah and he was from those known by his kunyah. Among the Sahaabah he was the last one to pass away.


Sa’eed Bin Yar’boo. It is said that he died in Makkah. And it is said that he died in Madeenah and this (report) is more well-known.

Abdullaah Bin Amr Ibn Al-Aas. There is a difference of opinion about where he died [i.e. whether Makkah or elsewhere [Source: Al-Quraa Li-Qaasid Ummul Quraa’ page 662-663)]

Shaikh Muhammad Baazmool (may Allaah preserve him) said: I say, he (Abdullaah Bin Amr’s) death took place alongside the death of a group of Sahaabah. Al-Fairooz Aabaadiy [rahimahullaah (817AH)] mentioned this in his treatise titled: I’thaaratul Hujoon Li-ziyaaratil Hujoon.

Ham’nan Bin Awf, brother of Abdur-Rahmaan and Abdullaah -the two sons of Awf Bin Abdil Awf.

Khaalid Bin Asad Ibn Abee Ubay Al-Ayyas Bin Umayyah

Zayd Bin Ad-Dath’na

As-Sukraan Bin Amr Bin Abdi Shams Bin Abdi  Wad

Shaybah Bin Uthmaan Bin Talhah and he was (also) called Ibn Abee Talhah

Safwaan Bin Umayyah bin Khalaf Bin Wahb Bin Hu’dhaa’fah Bin Jamh al-Jamhiy al-Qurashiy

Abdullah Bin Shihaab Bin Abdil Haarith Bin Zahra- the grandfather of Ibn Shihaab Az-Zuhriy

Abdullah Bin Amr Ibn Al-Aas

Abdullaah Bin Yasir al-Unsiy

Al-Ars Bin Qais Bin Saeed Ibn Al-Ar’qam Al-Kindiy

To be continued InShaaAllaah


[Source: Makkah  Fee Hayaatil Ilm Wal Ulamaa’ Pages 23-24]

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