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Two statements from the Salaf regarding At-Tawakkul – Al-Hasan and Wahb Bin Munabbih

Al – Hasan Al – Basree rahimahullaah: Indeed the reliance of the servant upon his Lord, is that he knows his Lord is his Protector , The Only One upon whose reliance he can solely depend upon. [1]

Wahb b. Munabbih rahimahullaah : The highest goal (for the servant to attain) is At – Tawakkul. [2]


[1]. Jaami’ Ul Uloom Wal Hikam of Ibn Rajab Al Hanbali p.1266

[2] Jaami’ Ul Uloom Wal Hikam of Ibn Rajab Al Hanbalee p.1266 12 Agreed Upon.

Translated by: Abu Ad-Dardaa

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