The Prophet (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam) said:

”He Is Not a (True) Believer Whose Stomach Is Filled While His Neighbour Goes Hungry”. [Ref 1]

This Hadeeth (clearly demonstrates or indicates) that the one whose stomach is filled while his neighbour is hungry is not a believer of complete Eemaan. A person of complete Eemaan is the one who checks on his neighbour if the neighbour is in need of him. It is not possible for a neighbour to be enjoying himself with foods and drinks while his (other) neighbour cannot find anything and he does not give him anything. This (behaviour) does not reflect the manners of a believer with complete Eemaan. And because of this-in this hadeeth- the Prophet (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam) negated the completeness (of the Eemaan of the one who behaves in such a manner); rather a believer of complete Eemaan is the one who is generous to his neighbour as much as he is able, especially when in need of a necessity such as food and drink. [Ref 2]

[Ref1: Reported by Imaam Al-Bukhaari (rahimahullaah) in Adabul Mufrad Number 112 & declared authentic by Imaam Albaani (rahimahullaah) in his checking of Adabul Mufrad page 50. Publisher Daar As-Siddeeq 2nd ed [1421 AH/ Year 2000]

[Ref 2: Abridged & slightly paraphrased- (Source: Awnul Ahadis Samad Sharhul Adabul Mufrad’ page137, Vol 1- by Shaikh Zayd Bin Haadi Al-Madkhali (rahimahullaah). Publisher: Daar Al-Meeraath An-Nabawiy’ 1st ed Year 1434AH/ 2013]


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