Imaam Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhaab (rahimahullaah) stated in Masaa’ilil Jaahiliyyah: They [i.e. people of the era of pre-Islamic ignorance] Attributed Deficiencies to Allaah (Glorified Be Him and Free is He from all Imperfections), Such As (attributing) a Child (to Him), Being in Need and Tiredness, While (They) Freed Their Monks from Some of These Deficiencies.

Shaikh Saaleh al Fawzaan (may Allaah preserve him) explained the above, saying:

Deficiency is opposite to Perfection. And attributing deficiencies to Allaah [Glorified Be He and Free is He From all Imperfections] is a violation of His Lordship, and that is the (case) when a son is attributed to Him because the father is in need of a son and is like him. The Jews said that Ezra (alayhis-salaam) is Allaah’s son; the Christians said that the Messiah (alayhis-salaam) is Allaah’s son and the Pagan Arabs said that the Angels are Allaah’s daughters, while, (on the other hand) the Christians declare their Monks free from having wives and sons because (attributing this to the Monks) is a diminution of their rights. So these (Christians) do not declare Allaah free from that which they free their Monks.

Likewise, the Arabs hated having daughters, while (on the other hand) they attributed that to Allaah.  So they attributed to Allaah what they hated for themselves and considered to be a disgrace and deficiency.  Allaah said: [وَيَجْعَلُونَ لِلَّهِ الْبَنَاتِ سُبْحَانَهُ ۙ وَلَهُم مَّا يَشْتَهُونَ – And they assign daughters unto Allaah! Glorified (and Exalted) is He above all that they associate with Him! And unto themselves what they desire’’. 16:57]

[وَيَجْعَلُونَ لِلَّهِ مَا يَكْرَهُونَ  – They assign to Allaah that which they dislike (for themselves). 16:62]

A Muslim Scholar went on a mission to one of the kings of Rome, so when he entered upon (the King) he said to him, ”How is (your) wife and the children?’’ Thus, those who were present became angry, for how can (this Muslim Scholar) describe their leader as having a wife and (begetting) children?  So (the Muslim Scholar) said to them, ‘You (people) free your leader from having a wife and a son, whilst (on the other hand) you attribute that to Allaah [The Mighty and Majestic] and you do not declare Him free from that?  So he silenced them and debated with them on that (basis).

[Source: Sharh Masaa’ilil-Jaahiliyyah’ by Sheikh Saaleh al Fawzaan.  (Page: 150-151). Abridged & slightly paraphrased]

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