Eid Dinner, Bouncy Castle at Salaficentre

Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhu

We would like to take this opportunity to invite the Salafi Brothers and sisters – including attendees of the Qur’aan School, Weekend School and Tuition club- to an Eid dinner and get together at the Masjid @ 7pm.

We have held these dinners regularly for our Salafi brothers and sisters, throughout the years. Please note that this dinner is specifically for the people of Sunnah, their common relatives and children, so please refrain from inviting those individuals who are well-known to us as open callers to the Bidah of the Maribiyyoon, Halabiyyoon, Maghraawiyyoon etc at Masjid As-Sunnah.

However, this does not mean that we refrain from advising -if we have the ability- those who are genuinely confused and seek clarification. We do not intend the common people in this warning, rather we intend certain individuals who are well known to us for slandering Salafiyyoon and openly calling to the people of bidah. So those brothers with family members who are common people can bring along their relatives as we do not have a problem with any common person or those who genuinely seek clarification about issues they are unsure of. Our love and hate should be for the sake of Allah and we gather under the banner of the Sunnah in all we do. The People of Sunnah love the company of the People of Sunnah as the Salaf would advise the common people and show them kindness, but they would not sit with those who are obstinate and persistent callers to the people of Bidah after being well aware of the fact that they are callers to falsehood. We cannot tolerate obstinate hizbiyyoon creeping in, eat food and then start spreading doubts about Shaikh Rabee and other scholars whom they hate for refuting their figureheads of bidah.

Please bring a dish and some drinks to share with the brothers and sisters. We have also arranged for some food to be delivered and have also arranged for a bouncy castle for the children who come, and inshaa’Allah will try to arrange some games for the younger children (under 7 on the women’s side).

We hope to see each other in happiness on that blessed day of Eed.


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