He Was Not Handsome, But He Was a Noble Man Blessed With Sound Understanding!

Imaam Dhahabee (rahimahullaah) stated in the biography of Abdul Azeez Bin Yahyaa Al-Kinaanee Al-Faqee (rahimahullaah) that he had an unsightly appearance. Abee Aynaa said, ”Abdul Azeez entered upon Mamoon whilst his physical appearance was very unsightly, so Abu Ishaaq Al-Mutasim laughed”.  He (Abdul Azeez) said, ‘O leader of the believers! Why is this person laughing? Indeed Allaah did not chose Yusuf (alayhis-salaam) due to his handsomeness, rather He chose him for His religion and clarification (of the truth).’ So Mamoon laughed and was amazed by him”.

[Source: Tareekhul Islaam: 17/231]

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