Salaficentre Appeal 2019

For The One Who Enquired and Requested That We Share Information about a Particular Teacher at Al-Markazus Salafi and the Masjid Committee

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Firstly: This is not a Tazkiyah, for we are not worthy of making judgements regarding the levels of the teachers in the various Maraakiz -[be they at a beginner’s level, intermediate or advanced]-rather we leave that to the jurisdiction of the scholars, and the experienced elder students -[those who have been in Dawah for 25yrs and are known to the scholars]. However, when asked about our companionship and the affair of those who deliver lessons at Salaficentre – regardless whether they are still under the age of forty or above, and indeed even during our meeting with the charity commission we were asked about our affiliations to other organisations and individual disseminators of knowledge – we have to respond in order that no doubt is left in the minds of the people regarding our knowledge of those who deliver lessons in the Masjid.

Secondly: The person enquired about is Ustaadh Abu Humaid Saalim (may Allaah preserve him and all the teachers in the various Salaficentres); therefore the enquirer is informed of the fact that we (Dawud Stonehouse & Abdullah Al-Gambi in particular) have known our brother Saalim since 2004 via Maktabah Salafiyyah. And before he moved to Saudi, he used to travel to Manchester to help deliver the Jumu’ah khutbah at Al Markazus Salafi after the regular khateeb – at the time- moved to Birmingham. We’ve dealt with him both in Dawah affairs as well as on a personal level. On the other hand, some members of the Masjid Committee [Amjad Khan & Faizal] have had regular contact with him and continue to do so.

Thirdly: The enquirer is informed – as he requested -that the Masjid Committee is made of five individuals; some of whom were founders of the Masjid and members of its first Masjid Committee, and others have had close affiliation with the Masjid since 2002 & 2005. The enquirer is also informed-as he requested- that the members of the Masjid Committee are all married and over the age of thirty- 52, 45, 44, 36 and 32, respectively.

Finally: It is very important to take note of what we have clearly stated regarding the Masjid Committee, as follows… [See link: and recently we have made it very clear regarding how we view the activities on the website:

We pray and hope that the above suffices and may Allaah grant us and you all Ikhlaas, thabaat, sidq and husnul khaatimah..Aameen

Al-Markazus Salafi Masjid Committee: Kamaal, Dawud, Amjad, Faizal & Abdullah

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