[4] The Reality of Ascription-[Ascription to One’s Work or Craft]

Shaikh Muhammad Baazmool (may Allaah preserve him) said:

There is (nothing) in the Islamic legislation which forbids it; so it is said: Fulaan (i.e. such and such person) ‘the carpenter’; such and such ‘the black (or metal smith); such and such ‘the dyer’; such and such ‘the leather smith’; such and such ‘the cobbler’; or such and such ‘the baker’ and so on – on condition that the intent behind attributing a man to his work or craft is not to disrespect or belittle (him) and (as long as) the craft or work is from that which the person earns permissible livelihood (or income). So craftsmanship and work are not blameworthy and this is something the (scholars) hold a consensus, as it is clearly seen in the writings of the people of knowledge in the biography books. [Source: Silsilah Ar-Rasaa’il Al-Manhajiyyah Fin-Nushi Wal-Irshaad Wat-taw’iyah’ page 62…slightly paraphrased]

To be continued..InShaaAllaah

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