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Humility Necessitates That One Abandons Insolence and Mockery!

Imaam Ibn Hibbaan (rahimahullaah) said:

It is obligated on a sensible person to adhere to humility and abandon pride. Humility is of two types -the first one is praiseworthy and the other is blameworthy. Praiseworthy humility is to abandon insolence and being scornful. Blameworthy humility is to humble oneself in the presence of one who possesses the things of the worldly life whilst desiring what such a person possesses. Therefore, a sensible person abandons blameworthy humility in all circumstances and clings to all aspects of praiseworthy humility.

[Rawdatul Uqalaa: page 58…slightly paraphrased and abridged]

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