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The Sooner You Know When to Ignore Chronic Complainers and Fault-Finders, You Become More Focused In What You Have to Do, and Immune to That Endless Whining of Theirs!

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Few years ago, we complained to one of the most experienced Salafi Elders in the UK – who has a lot of experience in running the affairs of a Masjid- about some people in the Masjid who were never satisfied, regardless how much the committee tried to listen to their complaints and cater for their needs. So the experienced elder (may Allaah preserve him) advised us, saying, ‘’When you run the affairs of a Masjid, you will come across three types of people: Those who say that they have noticed such and such shortcomings, but they have no solutions; those who are well established fault seekers and are never satisfied, regardless what you do to improve; those who make suggestions and take practical steps to help implement them.

The First Group [those who say that they have noticed such and such shortcomings, but they have no solutions]: Listen to them carefully and see what the Masjid can do to improve if there is a need and a general benefit for everyone.

The Second Group [those who are well established fault seekers and are never satisfied, regardless what you do to improve]: Do not get into a confrontation with them, rather kindly inform them that the Masjid will look into their concerns; do what you can and completely ignore all their unjustified criticisms.

The Third Group [those who make suggestions and take practical steps to help the Masjid Committee to implement them]: Listen to them carefully, consult them in their field and work closely with them to achieve the set goals.

This is the advice we have tried to implement since 2005 and it has brought about a lot of stability and progress by the Tawfeeq of Allaah. We praise and thank Allaah- first and foremost- and then that noble elder adviser.

However, chronic complainers and fault-finders never stop complaining. When they say, ‘’We know such and such Salafi Masjid Committee very well’’, they forget that the Masjid Committee knows them very well. The brothers and sisters who assist in running the affairs of the Masjid, the Weekend school, the daily Qur’aan school, the Tuition Centre and [the forthcoming Manchester City Centre Dawah Stall] should by now realise the hardship involved in carrying out these tasks. Therefore, it would be very unwise to allow chronic fault finders to squander your valuable time. It is very hard to reason with a people who have already made up their mind that they will never be satisfied, regardless how much effort is made. It is absolutely useless to prolong discussions with Chronic Fault Finders because because it is the very thing they thrive on. Therefore, avoid what will give them the excuse to carry on.

The chronic complainers and fault-finders we have dealt with since the establishment of the Masjid never realise how much they complain because it is a chronic habit.  And had we given them the time they demand, we would have all become useless and extremely inactive. Do not get offended when they are being sarcastic or seeking to prove that failure is imminent because the Masjid is not doing things in the manner they see fit. Likewise, if you are someone actively helping in the Masjid, do not make the big mistake of being captured by their constant whining; rather seek Allaah’s reward and ask for sincerity and consistency in everything you do, regardless how little that may be. Reminder:

And we remind you once again regarding issues of Dawah:

For The One Who Enquired and Requested That We Share Information about a Particular Teacher at Al-Markazus Salafi and the Masjid Committee

We ask Allaah for Ikhlaas, Thabaat, Sidq and Husnul Khaatimah..Aameen


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