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Hearing the Adhaan but Praying at Home- Shaykh Fawzaan

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Question: What is the ruling about the one who hears the adhaan but does not go to the masjid to pray? Will his prayer be accepted if he prays at home or not?

Answer: Praying in congregation is obligatory. He – peace be upon him – said: “whoever hears the call [to prayer] but does not come to [the masjid], he has no prayer except with a [valid] excuse”. So it is mandatory for him to pray in congregation if he hears the call [to prayer] and is able to attend then it is a must for him to pray in congregation.
And if he did pray at home, whilst being able to pray in congregation, then his prayer is valid, but he is sinful for neglecting the prayer in congregation without [valid] excuse.


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