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A Category of People Manifest Tamyee Stances From Time to Time – [A Brief Reminder to Our Salafi Brothers and Sisters At al-Markazus Salafi]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Indeed, Allaah- by His Great Mercy- made it possible for us to be united upon the sound Salafi Stances against the people of Bidah, Hizbiyyah and Tamyee – the sound stances taken against the staunch followers of Al-Maribi Al-Mubtadi, Al-Halabi Al-Mubtadi and Al-Maghraawi Al-Mubtadi at Masjid As-Sunnah (Cheethamhill) and elsewhere, and the followers of Yahyah Al-Hajoori Al-Mubtadi and the followers of Ibraaheem Ar-Ruhayli.

Indeed, a clear distinction has been made -by the scholars -between the Salafiyyoon and those affiliated to the people of Bidah, Hizbiyyah and Tamyee. This is pleasing to every Salafi, however amazing is the affair of those who still refuse to apply –precisely- what our scholars have advised us in relation to the sound Salafi stances we must take against the staunch followers of the deviants mentioned above and their staunch followers in the UK and elsewhere.

All praise is due to Allaah, for indeed the verdicts of the scholars are detailed and unambiguous – clear to all the Salafiyyoon by the Tawfeeq of Allaah. However, there are people -appearing from time o time- who are anxious to lose friendships. It is amazing when they intentionally conceal advice through which others can be guided by the Tawfeeq of Allaah! It is amazing that they never cease to sit on the fence and are quick to get angry when those who appease Ahlul Bidah are criticised on the Minbar! It is amazing that they are quick to find excuses for the people of Tamyee and quick to criticise those who apply the verdicts of the scholars precisely! It is amazing how they ponder upon the best plan- whilst staying close by – to weaken the stances taken by the brothers and sisters against the people of bidah, Hizbiyyah and Tamyee, even though the scholars have made a very clear distinction – by way of detailed unambiguous knowledge based proofs- between the Salafiyyoon and the Hizbiyyoon of Manchester, and elsewhere.

Amazing is the affair of these people who still cannot come to terms with the facts! Amazing is the affair of these people who have apprehensive fear when the people of Bidah and Hizbiyyah are mentioned on the Minbar, but they show little of it when criticising the Salafiyyoon – those who firmly adhere to the unambiguous knowledge base proofs produced by the scholars and their students against the people of bidah, hizbiyyah and tamyee! Amazing indeed is the affair these people, who accompany those who intentionally accompany the Hizbiyyoon, even after being aware of the verdicts of the scholars and the efforts of the UK students in clarifying the sound Manhaj stances. We ask Allaah for Ikhlaas, Thabaat, Sidq and Husnul Khaatimah Aameen

Abu AbeeBakr [Abdullah Jallow (Al-Gambi)]



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