NEW VIDEO! 🎥 Ruling on Taking ADHD Medication – Shaykh Abdullah Bukhari

This [questioner] asks: Some brothers have a disease known as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD], and the doctors advise them to take medication to calm the person down and reduce his constant thinking and improve his attention span. Are these medications permissible to take?


In any case, if it is a proficient doctor with knowledge [of this area], and you haven’t taken it from so-and-so or so-and-so from those who appear on the [TV] channels and they talk [and talk], he shouldn’t contact such people, they prescribe what comes up in their head. This is not appropriate.
If a skillful, proficient doctor advises one of the need to take such medication for attention deficit… – or whatever it is – this is the first time I hear of this.

In any case, if he advises with this, then there is no harm in taking it with caution and in moderation. There is no harm in taking it with caution if it helps him with his condition and illness. We ask Allah to cure him.

However, another point, many of the medication that are prescribed by psychiatrists have numerous side effects too. One should take this into account and be upon clarity. One should see more than one doctor and seek the advise of more than one doctor. As for the origin, then it is permissible as we said based upon the principle that we mentioned.

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