[4] Self-Awareness: [I Do Not Want To Degrade Myself through Corrupt Manners and Blameworthy Amusement]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Allaah [The Most High] said in Surah at-Teen Aayaat 4-6:

لَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الْإِنسَانَ فِي أَحْسَنِ تَقْوِيمٍ

ثُمَّ رَدَدْنَاهُ أَسْفَلَ سَافِلِينَ

إِلَّا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ فَلَهُمْ أَجْرٌ غَيْرُ مَمْنُونٍ

Verily, We created man of the best stature (mould); then We reduced him to the lowest of the low, save those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous deeds, then they shall have a reward without end (Paradise).

Few Reminders from Above Aayaat

Allaah created the human perfectly with different body parts and organs. Allaah did not leave anything the human needs-externally and internally; but despite all these great blessings which necessitates that they show gratitude to Allaah, the majority of them are not thankful. Rather, they are preoccupied in play and blameworthy amusement. Indeed, they bring themselves down to the lowest level through things that degrade one’s manners, therefore Allaah will reduce them to the lowest of the low-the lowest part of the hell fire – the place of the disobedient ones and those who turn away from their Lord. The only ones who will be saved from this [evil end] are those whom Allaah has blessed with Imaan, righteous action and virtuous lofty manners.

To be continued…InShaaAllaah

[Source: (Tayseer Al-Kareem Ar-Rahmaan Fee Tafseer kalaam al-Mannaan’ of Imaam Sadi (rahimahullaah). Abridged & paraphrased]


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