Advice to a Husband who Behaves Badly to his Wife – Shaykh Muqbil ibn Haadi


A wife who fears Allah – The Most High – and is obedient to her husband, however he gets angry with the smallest of issues, he curses her and utters vile statements to her and he says to her: “in obedience to Allah do not speak back to me”. So if this woman replies him in other to reprimand him and prohibit him from such even if it’s by raising her voice on him. Is she considered a sinner?


She is not considered a sinner. However, what we advise her with is patience and the messenger ﷺ said: “The best of you is the best of you to their women”. The prophet ﷺ said as in the two authentic books (Al Bukhari and Muslim) from the hadeeth of Abu Hurairah:” Be good to your women and guide them to good for verily they are created from a rib and the most curved portion of a rib is its top, if you try to make it straight you will break it and if you leave it, it remains curved.

Allah Azza wa Jall says in His glorious book: “And live with them honorably” and He also says: “So if they return in obedience to you, do not transgress upon them (seeking by way of it their annoyance so that they may sin).”

So it it obligatory upon the husband to fear Allah Glorified is He The Most High and to relate with his wife in a good manner, the way he himself likes to be related with and we advise her with patience and to seek Allaah’s guidance for him and patience is good and Allah’s aid is sought.

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