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Observation of a Salafi Brother Reminds Us of the Scorpions

In The Name of Allaah, The Most merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

We had a short conversation -today- with a colleague and Salafi brother of ours today at work and asked him about dawah in his city, so he said, ‘’It’s quiet, but this period of quietness is utilised by ahlul bidah to establish their contacts and bring their figureheads in Summer’’. Perhaps this observation of our beloved brother reminds us of the statement of Imaam Al-Barbahaari [rahimahullaah], when he stated: ”The likeness of the people of innovation is that of scorpions burying their heads and bodies in the sand and leaving their tails out; so when they are able they sting.  Likewise, the people of innovation hide themselves within the people and when they are able, they convey what they desire.” [Ref 1]

Therefore, let us also remember the statement of Shaikh Rabee [may Allaah preserve him] when he said: ”It is obligated on the people of truth to exercise patience and increase in adhering to this religion of truth. Whenever the desires become abundant, it becomes necessary to increase in acquainting (oneself) with the truth and adhering to it, as the Messenger (alayhis salaatu was-salaam) said: ‘The one who lives long amongst you will see a lot of differences, so upon you is that you follow my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the rightly guided khulafaa. Bite onto it with your molar teeth (i.e. hold onto it firmly) and beware of newly invented matters (in the religion), for every newly invented matter (in the religion) is a bidah and every bidah is misguidance.’ ” [Ref 2]

We ask Allaah for Thabaat, Ikhlaas, Sidq and Husnul Khaatimah. And that Allaah protects us from the misguidance, deception, plots and desires of the people of bidah and tamyee. Aameen

[Ref 1: Tabaqaat al-Hanaabilah: 2/44]

[Ref 2: Majmoo 14/294 (3rd paragraph)]

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