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How to memorise and review the Qur’ān? – Shaykh Abdullah Bukhari

Shaykh Abdullah Bukhari answers a very important question in relation to how the Qur’ān should be memorised. A much needed reminder for us all.

The question – may Allāh bless you – is concerning how to memorise and review the Qur’ān?

Firstly, memorise the Qur’ān from a teacher who is proficient, a sincere advisor and Sunnī (firm upon the Sunnah). Memorising the Qur’ān is just like the other sciences and branches from the branches of studying (talab al-‘ilm). You are to read (the Qur’ān) to a man upon the Sunnah, who is knowledgeable, has memorised, good and precise (in what he teaches).
Don’t read the Qur’ān whilst solely relying on that which is between the two covers of the noble mushaf. You say (to yourself), “I’m going to memorise on my own” This is not proper and correct.

Watch the video for the full answer of the Shaykh!


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