People Negligent Regarding Aqīdah are Two Types – Shaykh Ubayd

Shaykh Ubayd al-Jābirī explained regarding the one who is easy going and negligent regarding Aqīdah, he is one of two types [of people and] there is no third:

1. An ignorant man. He is not acquainted with the call to the path of Allaah based on clear sightedness, [rather] he follows every Tom, Dick and Harry.

2. An evil man- person of desires, an innovator and misguided person. He knows that as long as the Creed of Tawheed and Sunnah is strong amongst its people, he cannot approach them [with misguidance], rather he approaches them [with misguidance] when their souls become weak.

This type of person firstly manifests beautified expressions and general statements to show that he adheres to the correct Aqīdah and Dawah, so that the hearts of the people become inclined towards him, he wins their trust and gets a strong position amongst them.

Afterwards, he wraps himself around them like a snake that wraps [itself] around its prey, then he releases – amongst them – the flame of bidah and newly invented affairs (in creed, acts of worship or both), and in most cases only a few of his followers free themselves from him.

Slightly paraphrased from Tabsiratu al-Khalaf bi Sharh at-Tuhaf fī Madhāhib as-Salaf page 53

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