Reflection: A Brother Shares Mother’s Statements, Supplications and Encouragement

*You are all a joy in my life. I love you all and will always see you as my babies, in my eyes lol. I will never forget changing nappies and running around with the daily schedule. But, at the end of the day, no one can take the place of a mum. May your kids look after you the way you guys are looking after me, Ameen

*May Allah’s peace and mercy be upon you and your loved ones. May HE bestow his grace and blessings upon the entire Ummah. May HE give us longevity of life and good health.

Pray all is well. I was shocked when I heard what the terrorists did in London. May Allah protect you all, turn away every evil from your surroundings. Ameen. My salams to all.

*Pray all is well. It seems as if you don’t work full time now? If so, not bad, at least u don’t have to go morning and evening. I know the extra is important, but I use to feel bad when you come home and having to go back in the evenings. It’s not been easy. InshaaAllaah, it will ease when all the elder ones start earning. It seems as if history is repeating itself. I didn’t have many kids, but had a house full of extended family kids to look after and lived with them. Am glad they are all grown-ups and have moved on. The world is temporary. May Allah keep you all safe and well, Ameen.

*May Allah distance you from shame and failure, destroy every evil plan against you and your loved ones, protect you from known and unknown enemies. May Allah support you and your family with His Love, Kindness, Mercy, Blessings & Forgiveness… May you continue to enjoy Allah’s Rahmah, Ni’mah and Protection till yaumul Qiyaamaah.

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