Ustaadh Abu Talhah’s [rahimahullaah] Manhaj – [A Thorn In The Throats of Frustrated Hizbiyyoon, Mu’mayyi’ah And Infiltrators]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful The Bestower of Mercy

Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah (may Allaah preserve him and protect him from the enmity of the people of bidah, hizbiyyah and Tamyee) wrote:  ”In the nineties, when the da’wah was in its infancy, many people left the Salafi Manhaj, preferring the paths of innovation – Dawud (rahimahullaah) saw them come and saw them go, but he would not join them in their opposition. Rather he would advise those who were once with us upon this path of Sunnah, he would show great concern for them so they not be misguided. He would make du’aa for them, and then leave their affair to Allaah, and stop his association with them only for the sake of Allaah. He would not compromise with them, nor praise those who opposed this blessed Manhaj. He was the first person to translate the rudood (refutations) of Shaikh Muqbil, Shaikh al-Albaanee and Shaikh Rabee’ against Jam’iyyah Ihyaa Turaath al-Islaamee – he stemmed and almost cut off their bid’ah in the UK by way of these translations (by the permission of Allaah). Allaah had blessed him with skills of translation that I have not seen equaled in the West, and Allaah knows best.’’ [End of Quote]

Indeed this above statement of Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah is truth.  Ustaadh Abu Talhah translated the works of the ulamaa in refutation against the Mubtadi’a within the ranks of ihya Turaath, such as the likes of Abdur Rahmaan Abdul Khaaliq. He was also well-known for translating the works of the scholars on various topics needed to clarify the correct positions on Ibaadah, Aqeedah, Manhaj, groups, parties, sects, contemporary deviant organizations, individuals and personalities. The following are some of his works mentioned by Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah (may Allaah preserve him):

Facts about Abu Talhah (rahimahullaah) – A man who defended the Sunnah!

  • FACT: Abu Talhah translated Shaikh Muqbil’s refutations on Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul-Khaaliq and Ihyaa Turaath in 1996, ‘The Blazing Meteor’ series. Download HERE
  • FACT: Abu Talhah translated Shaikh Muqbils’ refutation on Abdullaah as-Sabt of Ihyaa Turaath in 1997.
  • FACT: Abu Talhah translated Shaikh Muqbil’s refutations on Suhaib Hasan and al-Hidaayah in 1997.FACT: Abu Talhah translated Shaikh Rabee’s first critique of Suhaib Hasan and Turaath in 1997 after Hajj.
  • FACT: Abu Talhah translated sections from Shaikh Rabee’s ‘Jamaa’ah Waahidah Laa Jama’aat’ in refutation of the head of Ihyaa Turaath, Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul-Khaaliq in 1998.
  • FACT: Abu Talhah translated portions of Shaikh Abdus-Salaam Burjis’s ‘Mu’amalaat al-Hukaam’ in refutation of the Qutubees and those who called for revolt and revolution in the mid to late 1990′s.
  • FACT: Abu Talhah prevented any amalgamation with Muhammad Suroor after he had read ‘as-Sunnah’ magazine of this takfeeree in the early nineties, and found it to be in contradiction to the Sunnah!
  • FACT: Abu Talhah translated portions of the book ‘al-Qutubiyyah’ in refutation of the Qutubees such as Safar al-Hawaalee and Salmaan al-Awdah who were attacking the major scholars.
  • FACT: Abu Talhah translated the fatwa of Shaikh Ibn Baaz (rahimahullaah) calling the authorities to prevent Safar and Salmaan from delivering lectures, classes and their tapes from being distributed.
  • FACT: Abu Talhah translated many of Shaikh Rabee’s refutations against Syed Qutub and al-Mawdoodee; ‘Manhaj al-Anbiyah’ is point and case.
  • FACT: Abu Talhah translated Shaikh al-Albaanee’s refutations on Ihyaa Turaath and Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul-Khaaliq.

[End of Quote]

This was part of Ustaadh Abu Talhah’s methodology, which he learnt from the Ulama of Salafiyyah, and this is the same methodology he died upon (rahimahullaah). The Imaam of Jarh Wat-Tadeel in our era Al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadee and others are witnesses to this fact.

*Ustaadh Abu Talhah (rahimahullaah) was neither upon the methodology of the Qutubiyyah and Surooriyyah nor that of the Haddaadiyyah.

*Ustaadh Abu Talhah (rahimahullaah) was neither upon the methodology of Al-Maghraawi nor that of Al-Maribi, Halabi and Al-Hajoori.

*Ustaadh Abu Talhah (rahimahullaah) was not upon the erroneous views of Bilaal Philips, Abu Muslimah, Abu Usaamah, Shadeed Muhammad, Ali Tameemi, Zaraboozo and others.

*Ustaadh Abu Talhah (rahimahullaah) was neither upon the innovations of Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen and Hasan al-Banna nor that of Jamaat At-Tableegh and Muhammad Ilyaas.

*Ustaadh Abu Talhah (rahimahullaah) neither rejected the Jarh Mufassar of the scholars in order to defend figureheads and personalities of bidah nor spoke with Al-Muwaazanah to accommodate the groups, sects and figureheads of Bidah.

*Ustaadh Abu Talhah (rahimahullaah) neither promoted the false principle “We do not disparage but we only correct mistakes’’ nor the other false principle “Let’s not make our differing about someone else a reason for differing amongst ourselves.’’

*Ustaadh Abu Talhah (rahimahullaah) neither brought doubts in the narrations of the trustworthy narrators nor did he differentiate between Aqeedah and Manhaj in order to destroy the clear boundaries between the Salafi Methodology and the false methodologies.

*Ustaadh Abu Talhah (rahimahullaah) neither called to political parties nor the evil and false view that the Salaf differed in Aqeedah—an ignorant view of Aasim Al-Hakeem the Pseudo Shaikh.

*Ustaadh Abu Talhah neither reviled the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah in this time and make the people flee from them nor did he defend those who call the Sahaabah Ghuthaa-iyyah.

*Ustaadh Abu Talhah (rahimahullaah) neither called the people to accept the misguided sects, parties and organizations into the domain of Ahlus Sunnah nor did he call to the unity of religions.

*Ustaadh Abu Talhah (rahimahullaah) never defended the principles that are now been propagated by likes of Ibraaheem Ruhayli.

*Ustaadh Abu Talhah applied Imtihaan by way of the Ulama of the Sunnah in this era, such as the likes of Shaikh Bin Baaz, Shaikh Uthaymeen, Shaikh Albaani, Shaikh Fawzaan, Shaikh Rabee, Shaikh Ubaid, Shaikh Muqbil and others.  So, whoever spoke well of them, loved them and followed what they stated with Daleel, Abu Talhah was pleased with him.  And whoever spoke ill of them, then Abu Talhah was distant from them. May Allaah have mercy upon all of us, the scholars and students of knowledge Aameen.


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