Part 12E: When Upright Scholars Pass Away and The People Have No Clear Authority to Consult, They Will Wander About in Ignorance and Thus Upright Social Order Is Destabilised – By Shaikh Muhammad Baazmool

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Shaikh Muhammad Baazmool [may Allaah preserve him] said:

Violating the rights of the [upright] scholars will make the common people unaware of the station of Ahlul Ilm [i.e. the people who possess correct understanding of the religion], nor will they preserve their status, so the clear authority to consult in their lives becomes non-existent and thus they wander about in the darkness of ignorance, and social order is destabilised; for indeed the scholars are the ones who guide [and rectify] the people, the land and the kings. Therefore, the passing away of the scholars- in reality- leads to corruption of the [upright] world order – the people will not have an [upright] authority to refer to during Nawaazil [i.e. events related to public safety and fear] and thus they fall into great confusion and disorder, except that which Allaah wills not to happen [or except those whom Allaah wills that they will not be affected by this confusion and disorder]. This is what has been reported in a Hadeeth by Abu Hurairah [radiyallaahu-anhu] who said that the Prophet [sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam] said, ‘’ The hour [Last Day] will not be established until [uncorrupted religious] knowledge will be taken away by the [death of upright scholars], earthquakes will be very frequent, time will pass quickly, Al-Fitan [trials and afflictions] will appear, murders will increase, and money will overflow amongst you.’’ [Ref1] So, look at how these signs have occurred one after the other?!

Source: [في قلب الحدث مقالات متنوعة   – pages 49-50 Abridged and slightly paraphrased]

[Ref 1: Saheeh Al-Bukhaari Number 1036]

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