[12] Excerpts From Shaikh Rabee’s Book Titled ‘Marhaban Yaa Taalibal Ilm’ -[The Intent Behind Fiqh Fid-Deen (Understanding In The Religion)]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Shaikh Rabee [may Allaah preserve him] said:

The intent behind Fiqh Fid-Deen [i.e. understanding in the religion] is understanding in all areas and aspects of the religion – its fundamentals, its subsidiary issues, its principles [that are utilised by the scholars to past judgements and establish rulings] and the affairs related to creed. This is Fiqh [understanding] – the Fiqh of the Salaf [pious predecessors], the Fiqh of the Sahaabah, the Fiqh of the Senior Taabi’een [i.e. students of the Sahaabah], the Fiqh of the Imaams of guidance, the Fiqh that is complete [and] accompanied by fear of Allaah, action, apprehensive fear and zuhd, but not merely memorising texts.


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