Verily Allaah loves three things for you and hates three things for you

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Suhail Ibn Abee Saalih narrated from his father, who narrated from Abu Hurairah [radiyallaahu-anhu] that the Messenger of Allaah [sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam] said: Verily Allaah loves three things for you and He hates three things for you. He loves that you worship Him alone and that you do not join anyone else in your worship of him and that you do not worship other than him; He loves that you hold tight altogether to the rope of Allaah and that you do not be divided; and that you advice the one placed in charge over your affairs. And Allaah hates for you Qeel Wa Qaal [i.e. he said and she said – spreading rumours]; He hates for you the wasting of wealth and He hates for you excessive questioning [i.e. questioning devoid of benefit].

Saheeh Muslim 1715

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