Sharing a Reminder From a Brother: Let Not a Day Goes by Except That We Are Certain That Our Parents Are Well, Safe and Happy, And Let Us Beware of Shaytaan When He Whispers Saying, ‘’You Are Busy with Work Today and Your Parents Are Ok, So Contact Them Tomorrow’’

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Indeed, brothers and sisters our parents are a great gift from Allaah. They nurtured us and continue to supplicate for us. If our parents – whether they Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus etc- live in the same city, then that is a great blessing because serving them would be very easy. However, if they live far away or in another country with other family members, then let not a day goes by except that we are certain that they are OK. Let us beware of shyataan when he whispers to us, saying, ‘’Today, you have too much work to do and you are also busy with the kids. Your parents must be ok otherwise you would have been contacted immediately!’’

Yesterday [05/01/18] a brother -whose parents live in another country with other family members- contacted his parents to enquire about their welfare, so the father said: Alhamdulil laah we are all ok. Hope you’re all in good health in spite of the cold weather.’’

Today [06/01/18], the brother contacted his father to find out about their welfare again, so the father said: Wa alaykum salaam, I’ve been down with a bad stomach since yesterday evening.  My doctor came to the house last night and gave me some medication. It’s slowly getting better but not completely yet.’’

As for the mother, even though she spoke to the son on the phone, she never revealed that she was not feeling well. After speaking to the son on the phone, she texted saying: ‘’Just didn’t want to worry you, but I was unwell for the past two weeks. After the tonsillitis, I had stomach ache for a whole week. I was so weak and can hardly walk properly. I did not even tell your sister just not to get u guys worried thousands of miles away. On the 1st of January, I was in bed the whole day. Anyway, am much better now and back on my feet. Old age is not easy, but Alhamdulil-laah, your other siblings are around and wallaahi they are good people and do take care of me when am ill. I thank you all for always being concerned about my health and welfare. May Allah reward you all. Take care my son and my salams to all.’’ [End of quote]

Brothers and sisters, never should we be that busy to the extent that we forget to enquire about the welfare of our parents. We ask Allaah to forgive us our shortcomings and grant our parents abundant mercy Aameen. Indeed, we can never do enough to pay them back what they truly deserve.

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