Contemplating Consequences before Speaking and Acting – Shaykh Al-Uthaymīn

Contemplating Consequences before Speaking and Acting – Shaykh al-Uthaymīn

If one of you wishes to say something, then let him weigh up his speech. Ponder what is the outcome, if the outcome is good proceed and do not waver or hesitate. And if the result is evil, then withhold and leave it.

The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said:

“من كان يؤمن بالله و اليوم الآخر فليقل خير
أو ليصمت”
Whoever believes in Allāh and the Last Day then let him speak good or remain silent. (Muslim & Bukhāri)

When one of you wants to carry out an action, then ponder [whether] performing it is good or [whether it is] good to leave? If leaving it is what is good, then leave it. If performing it is what is good, then ponder whether it will it divert you from something better or more important!

If it will busy you from that which is better or more important, then leave it, because it’s impossible that one with sound intellect will [deliberately] busy himself with something virtuous, [even though it is less virtuous at that specific time and/or place] than something greater in virtue, because this leads one to lose the virtue of the act that is more virtuous.

Shaykh al-Uthaymīn’s Ad-Diyaa’u al-Laami’u min a-Khutab al-Jawaami’ Vol. 5 Pgs. 392-393

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