Suggestion: If Your Workload On Twitter Is Becoming Heavier And Distracting You From Tasks And Messages That Are More Important!

| Abdullah Jallow |

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

If you’re someone who shares the responsibility of tweeting and retweeting on behalf of a Masjid or Markaz, ask others who share the same responsibility for a break and then try this for a few days:

Islolate or Uninstall all your social media apps – including twitter – for a few days, for indeed you’ll realise that many messages do divert us from those messages that are more important. Yes indeed, others will tweet and retweet what they think is important, but you’ll have to be selective and disengage lest your time is consumed in that which can be read a few days or a week after it has been tweeted or retweeted.

You’ll also realise how much time you can spend re-arranging your personal library, reading the contents of new books before adding them to your collection of books and re-arranging your personal study time table at home besides the lesson or lessons you do attend in person at the Masjid or Markaz.

This will help you – InShaaAllaah – to be more focused when you reinstall your social media apps- including twitter –
otherwise you’ll – forever – be reading every short message that appears on your mobile phone via twitter in particular.  And Allaah knows best.


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