In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

It is an aspect of having a high aspiration to [acquire noble characteristics, dignity etc] that a person does not place his eyes on what is in the hands of the people [i.e. he is not coveteous]. Some of the people have a certain [manner] of asking for wealth: If he finds something he likes in the possession of [another] person, he gets hold of it in his hand and starts moving it about, saying: “How nice [or beautiful] this is!” “MaaShaaAllaah!” “Where did you buy it?” “Can it be found in the market.” The reason behind] all this is so that it is given to him, for indeed the generous person might become shy and say: “Indeed, he [i.e. the person asking this question] did not ask, except so that I say, “Take it.”

This person – the one who places his eyes [on other people’s possessions] or asks indirectly – lowers the status of the student of knowledge and that of others.

Source: Sharh Hilyati Taalibil Ilm’. Pages 164-165. slightly paraphrased

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