[77] Excerpts from Shaikh Rabee’s Book Titled ‘Marhaban Yaa Taalibal Ilm’ – [One of The Signs of The Path Towards Failure]: O Allaah! Do Not Abandon Us To Ourselves In The Twinkling of An Eye (Aameen)

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

It is with great regret that many people fall into Bidah Aqaa’idiyyah and Manhajiyyah [i.e. innovations related to beliefs and methodology], bidah related to acts of worship and other than that. Then he [i.e. the person upon such a path] is notified, but does not take notice; advised but does not accept advice. This is [tantamount to] being forsaken [by Allaah]! And from the signs that [one is following the path to happiness in this Dunyah and Aakhirah] is that he is eager to [follow] the truth, searches for it and rejoices when he is notified of his error, [saying], “May Allaah have mercy upon the person who shows me my faults” – the person who shows you your mistake, clarifies your mistake for you and that you are following the path of misguidance, that you are following other than the methodology [ordained] by Allaah and [a path other than] the Siraat Al-Mustaqeem.

Marhaban Yaa Taalibal Ilm. Page 262. Slightly paraphrased


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