Online Ramadhaan Quran Course 2019

Women’s Classes at the Salafi Centre of Manchester is pleased to announce our exciting new online course- an opportunity to study the famous tajweed poem Tufahtul Atfaal!
– Increase in worship during the month of Ramadhaan, and learn how to read Quran, aiming to give each letter its right.
– An excellent chance to consolidate and increase upon your tajweed knowledge.
– The course will run over 3 weeks, and classes will take place on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 3:30pm and 4:00pm.
– As an introduction, students will recap makhaarij and sifaat of the letters to prepare for the explanation of the poem.
– Hurry! There are only 5 places on the course.
– Just £36 for the full 3 weeks.
– Must have a background in Tajweed, and have studied sifaat and makhaarij before.

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All spaces now taken.

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