Speaking Against The Groups of Bidah Is Tantamount To Time-Wasting!

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Question: O Shaikh! A strange  (type) of illegal partisanship has appeared in these times in such a manner that when the groups of illegal partisanship are warned against some of the youth say, “Do not speak regarding these subject matters; speaking regarding these (affairs) is tantamount to  time wasting;” so do you advise these (youth)?

Answer: My advice to them is what I said previously….If these groups have Bidah, then indeed the ruling -by way of consensus (of the Salaf) -is that it is obligatory to warn against them and (this warning is regarded to be a type of) Jihaad (striving in the path of Allaah). The groups carry the bidah of the Soofiyyah (i.e. the soofees), the bidah of Rafd (i.e. the beliefs, views of the Raafidah), the bidah of khurooj (i.e. the belief in rebellion against Muslim rulers), the bidah of irjaa (i.e. the beliefs of the Murji’ah) and some (other types) of bidah which the Salaf waged a war against and warned against; therefore it is obligated on us to give advice and warn against them. This is the methodology of the Salaf. If the groups are of this type (i.e. upon religious innovations), then it is obligatory to warm against them (and) it is not permissible for us to keep quiet. That is because if keep quiet (and refrain from warning against) falsehood, it will gain group and spread

[An Excerpt from Juhoodul Allaamah Rabee Al-Madkhali Fee Naqdi Shubuhaatil Hizbiyyeen’ page 81-82. Slightly paraphrased]



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