🌺Sunday Girl’s Club All Day 🌺

We are pleased to hold our regular Sunday Girl’s Club for ages between 7 and 16 years of age.

Girls will engage in beneficial activities such as Sports, Arts & Crafts, Baking, Cooking, Sewing and Gardening; to develop their skills, educate them and let them have fun and make friends. Please sign up below if you are interested.

– Sunday
– 10:45am-15:45pm
– £10 for the full day, payable weekly

Important Information
– Girls must wear Islamic Clothing – Hijaab and Abaya
– Girl’s should bring sports clothing for the sports session
– Girl’s should bring any medical equipment needed
– Children must arrive 5 minutes before the day begins
– Children must be collected on time as soon as the lesson ends
– Transport to and from the sports hall wil be provided and is included within the price
– Children should be sent witha full packed Lunch

Sign up at 👉 salafischool.co.uk/girlsclub

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