A Beautiful Story On Discipline, Consistency and Hard work- Ustadh Abu Abdillah Salaam Ad-Dhufayri

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


The seerah teacher teaching at Markaz Ibnul Qayyim under the supervision of Shaykh Khalid, graduated from Faculty of Hadeeth Madeenah University 20 years ago, gave a really good advice regarding revising, reviewing notes and memorising.

He said once we attended a dawrah of shaykh Ubayd it lasted for one month and the schedule would be as follows

After Fajr – homework to be done by dhuhr

After Dhuhr – homework to be done by asr

After Asr – homework to be done by maghrib

After Maghrib – homework to be done by isha

After Isha – homework to be done for fajr

He said by end of the last lesson we went straight to bed due to tiredness.  

But he said in this month we felt we took more benefit than the whole year at the jaamiah.


Because of the reviewing, revising, and the repetition.

There is huge benefit in repetition and revision for the student in solidifying his knowledge.

Kuwait – 19th February 2019 – 25 Jumada Al-Aakhira 1441

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