Specifying The Month of Rajab for Worship by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saaleh Al-Uthaymeen

What is the ruling on specifying the Month of Rajab for Umrah, or Fasting or any other righteous actions? And does it have a distinction over the rest of the Sacred Months?

There is no distinction for the Month of Rajab over the rest of the Sacred Months, and it is not to be specified: Not for umrah, nor fasting , nor prayer and nor with reciting of the Quraan, rather it is like the rest of the Sacred Months.

And all the reported narrations regarding the virtue of it, praying in it (Rajab), or fasting in it, indeed they are weak, a legislated ruling can not be established upon them (weak narrations).

Al-Liqaa’ Ash-Shahri 14/32


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