Severe Ailments For Eighteen Years And The Highest Level of Patience – [Prophet Ayyoub (alayhis salaam)]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Ayyoob [alayhis salaam] remained in his state of affliction [i.e. illness] for eighteen years, and he was shunned by both those close to him [i.e. relatives] and those who were not close to him [strangers], except two among his brothers who used to come to him in the morning and evening. One day, one of them said to his companion, “By Allaah! Do you know that Ayyoub must have committed a sin which none amongst the creation has ever committed? His companion said to him, ‘Why is that?’ He said, ‘It has been eighteen years, Allaah has not shown him mercy and granted him relief from [what has afflicted him]’”. So, when they went to Ayyoub [alayhis salaam] in the evening, the man could not restrain himself and thus transmitted – to Ayyoub – the statement that was made by his companion. So, Ayyoub [alayhis salaam] said, “I don’t  know what you two are talking about, other than the fact that Allaah knows that I  used to go pass two men who were arguing, and they mentioned Allaah, because in one’s dispute one swears by Allaah saying ‘By Allaah! By Allaah!’ So, I would return  to my house and offer expiation on their behalf, because I hated that Allaah is mentioned, except in that which is true”.

Whenever he went out to answer the call of nature, and after finishing, his wife would hold his hand until he returns to his house. One day, he took a long time, and Allaah had revealed to him to strike the ground with his foot: [ٱرۡكُضۡ بِرِجۡلِكَ‌ۖ هَـٰذَا مُغۡتَسَلُۢ بَارِدٌ۬ وَشَرَابٌ۬   – (Allah said to him): “Strike the ground with your foot: This is a spring of water to wash in, cool and a (refreshing) drink] [Surah Sad Ayah 42].

She thought that he took a long time [to return] and turned to look for him, and thus Allaah had taken away the afflictions he was suffering from, and he was more good looking than he was in the past. So, when she saw him, she said, “May Allaah bless you, have you seen that Prophet of Allaah who is put to trial and test [by Allaah]? By Allaah! I have not seen anyone who resembles him more than you if he were healthy [or in a state of wellbeing]”. So, he [Ayyoub] said, “It is me indeed”.  And he had two threshing floors – one for wheat and one for barley. Allaah sent two clouds, and when one of them reached the threshing floor of the wheat, it rained gold until it was full, and the other reached the threshing floor of barley until it was full with silver. [Silsilah As-Saheehah. 17]

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