The Cure for Sorrow and Grief – Shaykh Saaleh Al-Fawzaan

Some people if they are afflicted with grief they go to the entertainers and musicians, to remove it from himself he says. And this increases him (in grief), and Allah’s Aid is sought. It increases him in grief and sadness.

As for if he went to the Qur’an and listened to the Qur’an and remembrance, what he found (of sadness and grief) would have stopped by the Permission of Allah.

Some people when the grief intensifies he kills himself, he commits suicide, and Allah’s Aid is sought. He kills himself expecting this to be the removal (of his difficulty). And this increases him (in grief) because if he kills himself he goes to the Fire.

From where has he freed himself (of his grief)? He has not freed himself.

There is no cure except with patience, and the remembrance of Allah and listening to the Qur’an and Sunnah.
This is the cure. The cure is with you right in front of you. However some of the people, or in fact many of the people are prevented (from being guided) to this cure.

So they flee to its opposite, they go to singers, the musicians, the entertainment theatres. Believing that this will remove (the grief) from himself, this increases his affliction, increases his deterioration.

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