If a person is put to trial and a calamity befalls him, what is the thing which will remove it from him? And how does a person turn to Allaah – The Mighty and Majestic – for protection, deliverance, help – whilst he is in this situation in which he is put to trial through these illnesses?

Through supplication; Allah will remove it from him through supplication. He invokes Allah to remove from him that which has afflicted him and to relieve him of it. Allah is Near [to all by his knowledge] Responsive [to the supplication of the one who supplicates to Him]. [Al-Hūd:61]

Secondly, if this calamity or affliction is due to a sin, then verily he repents to Allāh from this sin – from those sins which is the reason behind this punishment that came upon him.

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