Day 7 Ramadhaan Reminder – Patience when Calling to Allah – Shaykh Fawzaan

“So on the Mountain of Abe Qubais (in Mecca) he ﷺ called his people so they congregated around him, then he ﷺ said: ‘’What if I informed you that behind this mountain there is an enemy that wants to conduct an attack upon
you, would you believe me?’’

They said: ‘’We have never ever experienced from you a lie.’’ He replied: ‘’Verily, I am a warner to you of an approaching punishment’’ so his uncle Abu Lahb said: ‘’May your hands perish, is this why you have gathered us?’’

The noble Shaykh, explains how a person needs to be patient when calling to Allah, because the caller will face much opposition, even from those close to him.

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