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Acknowledge Students Who Teach Us Correct Belief And Methodology, And Special Acknowledgement of Outstanding Brave Ones Who Refute Militant Atheists And Crafty Worshippers of Wealth- Enemies of Sound Aqeedah and Sound Worldly Sciences

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Lofty Status of The Teachers of Sound Creed and Methodology

Imaam As-Sadi [rahimahullaah] said: They [i.e. the Mu’allimoon] are the mediators between the Messenger [sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam] and his Ummah with regards to propagation of his religion and clarification of his Sharee’ah. Had it not been for these ones, the people would have been like cattle. They are the ones who guide the Ummah in the fundamental and subsidiary affairs of their Religion. They return them to the rulings pertaining to the rights and dealings that are incumbent upon a person to fulfil, just as they return them to the affairs related to acts of worship.

Through them, the Book and the Sunnah are established; truth is distinguished from falsehood, guidance is distinguished from misguidance, the lawful is distinguished from the unlawful, good is distinguished from evil, and [sound] rectification is distinguished from corruption.

They are of varying ranks, in accordance with what they establish of knowledge, teaching and benefit- great or small. They have great rights [to be fulfilled] by the ummah and are possessors of a lofty status. Therefore, the people must have love and respect for them. They must recognise their excellence and virtue, and thank them greatly. They are to supplicate for them in private and public, and seek nearness to Allaah by having love for them and praising them. They are to proclaim their excellence; guard the hearts [from harbouring evil against them] and [prevent] the tongues [from] insulting them, for this would tarnish their excellence. [1]

Those Who Stand Firm Against The Plotters:

Every Town Had Its Wicked Figure Heads – Plotters Against The Messengers and Their True Followers – By Imaam As-Sadi [rahimahullaah]

Allaah [The Most High] said:  [ وَكَذَٲلِكَ جَعَلۡنَا فِى كُلِّ قَرۡيَةٍ أَڪَـٰبِرَ مُجۡرِمِيهَا لِيَمۡڪُرُواْ فِيهَا‌ۖ وَمَا يَمۡڪُرُونَ إِلَّا بِأَنفُسِہِمۡ وَمَا يَشۡعُرُونَ – And thus We have set up in every town the greatest of its criminals to plot therein. But they plot not except against their ownselves, and they perceive (it) not]. [Soorah Al-An’aam: Ayah 123]

[وَكَذَٲلِكَ جَعَلۡنَا فِى كُلِّ قَرۡيَةٍ أَڪَـٰبِرَ مُجۡرِمِيهَا – And thus We have set up in every town the greatest of its criminals] – Meaning: Those figureheads whose crimes were great and whose transgressions were severe. [لِيَمۡڪُرُواْ فِيهَا‌ۖ -to plot therein]- Meaning: Through deception, calling to the path of shaytaan and waging war – through speech and deeds- against the Messengers and their followers.  However, their plots and machinations only backfired on them. That is because they plotted and Allah too was planning, and Allah is the Best of the planners.

Likewise Allaah set up great ones amongst the leaders of guidance and the most virtuous of them, who opposed those criminals, refuted their statements and strove against them in the path of Allaah. They followed the paths leading to the path (of Allaah) and Allaah aided them. Allaah gave them an acute discernment and kept them steadfast.  So the days of victory and defeat alternated between them and their enemies, until the affair came to its final end-victory and triumph (for the believers) and the good final end is for the Muttaqoon (i.e. the pious and righteous persons who fear Allah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden) and love Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)]. [Ref 2]

The Lofty Quality of Bravery – By Imaam As-Sadi [rahimahullaah]

Imaam Sadi (rahimahullaah) said:

This is a great quality commanded by Allaah in many of the verses concerning Jihaad. He [The One free from all Imperfections] has praised its people and that it is the path of the Messengers and the Truthful ones amongst the creation. He [The One free from all imperfections] forbade that which is in opposition to it, and that is cowardice, dismay and fear of the creation when striving in the path of calling to Allaah. This sublime quality is innate within the slave and it is strengthened by virtue of Eemaan. Bravery strengthens the heart, makes it firm and gives it tranquillity in times of important events and distressful situations. It is a necessity, particularly for those leaders who are engaged in important affairs.

The Qur’aan commands fear of Allaah alone and that the slave is not to fear the creation. The slave’s heart is strengthened when he limits his fear to fearing Allaah Alone, and knows that the creation neither have the ability to benefit nor harm him, except by the will of Allaah. His heart is increased in strength when he places his reliance upon Allaah and is firm, just as Allaah [The Most High] stated about the best of the creation:

ٱلَّذِينَ قَالَ لَهُمُ ٱلنَّاسُ إِنَّ ٱلنَّاسَ قَدۡ جَمَعُواْ لَكُمۡ فَٱخۡشَوۡهُمۡ فَزَادَهُمۡ إِيمَـٰنً۬ا وَقَالُواْ حَسۡبُنَا ٱللَّهُ وَنِعۡمَ ٱلۡوَڪِيلُ

Those unto whom the people said, ”Verily, the people have gathered against you (a great army), therefore, fear them.” But it (only) increased them in Faith, and they said: ”Allaah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us)” (3:173)

The slave’s strength and bravery increases when he knows the good reward and recompense that follows on from being strengthened in Bravery and Religion, just as Allaah has stated: [إِن تَكُونُواْ تَأۡلَمُونَ فَإِنَّهُمۡ يَأۡلَمُونَ كَمَا تَأۡلَمُونَ‌ۖ وَتَرۡجُونَ مِنَ ٱللَّهِ مَا لَا يَرۡجُونَ‌ۗ وَكَانَ ٱللَّهُ عَلِيمًا حَكِيمًا – If you are suffering (hardships) then surely, they (too) are suffering (hardships) as you are suffering, but you have a hope from Allaah (for the reward, i.e. Paradise) that for which they hope not] (4:104)

And that which is observed and known about the state of affairs and characteristics of the creation is that they neither own anything of benefit nor assistance and protection; they do not desire good for you, except with regards to that which is of benefit to them. Therefore, it must be known that attaching the heart to them with Fear, Veneration, Awe, Fervent Desire and Reverence is a loss, rather it is harm.

Indeed, it is obligated on the slave to attach his Fear, Hope, Expectation and Awe to Allaah (Alone), Who (Alone) owns everything. He [The Most High] is The One who wants good for you when you do not desire it for yourself. He [The Most High] knows what is for your well-being and you do not know. He [The Most High] enables you to receive that which you do not have any ability to [receive by yourself]. The slave realizes that cowardice is an illness and a weakness in the heart, which causes abandonment of good and loss of beneficial things. It afflicts the weak ones, and the one afflicted by it is similar to timid women.

And amongst the benefits of Bravery are: The commands of Allaah and His Messenger are fulfilled, and [because of it] one is described with the characteristics of the people of insight amongst the men of understanding. And there cannot be a greater means to obtaining that which is sought after and a means to safety from difficulties and troubles when the heart is strengthened with what Allaah sends down upon it of relief and tranquillity. The brave individual is enabled to guide and benefit the creation with wisdom and fair speech in accordance to their different social classes. As for the coward, he misses a great deal of good and fear prevents him from the blessings of his knowledge and from guiding and giving sincere advice to the slaves.

The slave is saved from a lot of hardships through bravery. He finds tranquillity when faced with afflictions and calamities. He responds with what Allaah loves of patience and firmness, whilst hoping for Allaah’s reward. As for the coward, he is distracted and that which is of benefit to him is wasted away when these affairs come to him. He is made to waiver through harmful views, which bring about painful things alongside calamities and difficulties. He loses good and the reward for being placed under hardship. This praiseworthy quality (i.e. bravery) emanates from that excellent and all-inclusive quality of patience. And Allaah knows best. [Ref 3]

Responsibility of the Student of Knowledge- By Imaam Abdul Azeez Bin Baaz [rahimahullaah]:

After stating that which the student of knowledge should begin his call, such as Tawheed, Imaam Abdul Azeez Bin Baaz [rahimahullaah] then said: Then after that the student of knowledge is very eager not to hide anything he knows.  He is eager to clarify the truth and refute the opponents of the Religion of Islaam.  He is neither lackadaisical nor does he seek to escape.  He is always manifesting due to his endurance. So when the opponents of Islaam appear with that which obscures and defames Islaam, he brings forth refutation against them by writing, and by word of mouth, and other than that. He is neither lackadaisical nor does he say, ”these affairs are for other than me”, rather he says, ”it is for me, it is for me”. Even if there are other scholars, he still fears that the affair will slip away.

So he is constantly salient and does not seek to escape, rather he comes forward at the appropriate time in order to aid the haqq, and refute the opponents of Islaam by writing and other than it…by means of the radio, or the newspapers, or TV, or through any means he can.

He also does not hide what he has of knowledge, rather he writes, gives khutbah and refutes the people of innovation and other than them amongst the opponents of Islaam, with what Allaah has bestowed upon him of strength, in accordance to his knowledge and with that which Allaah has made easy for him. Verily, those who conceal the clear proofs, evidences and the guidance, which WE have sent down, after WE have made it clear for the people in the Book, they are the ones cursed by Allaah and cursed by the cursers.  Except those who repent and do righteous deeds, and openly declare (the truth which they concealed).  These, I will accept their repentance.  And I am the One Who accepts repentance, the Most Merciful. [Surah Al-Baqarah’ Aayah 160] [Ref 4]

Analysing The Plots of The Enemies of Islaam – A Fard Kifaayah –[By al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadi [may Allaah preserve him] says:

So it is not permissible for the Ulamaa to remain heedless of their plans (i.e. the enemies of Islaam), their actions, their publications, their missionary activities and their various calls (to the Muslims). And also the various poisons they are infusing – which are in opposition to the Qur’aan and the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) and his Sunnah. And nor of what plans they have for (the destruction of) the beliefs and methodologies of Islaam. It is not permissible either, to remain heedless of their concentrated efforts to Christianize or secularize the Muslim youth. And along with that, the Muslim youth and the students are not able to oppose this plan and strategy. Rather it is necessary that the distinguished Ulamaa – those who are experienced and shrewd – it is for such people, in all the places to undertake this duty. So it is obligatory for some of the intelligent and ingenious people from the field of Aqeedah to be mobilised for opposing these plans. And likewise it is a must that the intelligent and distinguished from amongst the specialists in the Sunnah – that they be mobilised for the refutation of these and similarly the eminent and distinguished from amongst those in the fields of Orientalism for the refutation of the plans of the Orientalists.” (Ahl ul-Hadeeth, p.102)

He also says: “I myself believe that it is a benefit – rather it is of necessity – that we know what the enemies are planning for us, and that it is necessary for us to prepare (ourselves in strength) to destroy their plans. However, I do not exaggerate in this matter, rather my view is the view of our Ulamaa and they have all agreed upon this – that amongst the obligatory matters there are some that are Fard Ain and others that are Fard Kifaayah – and even if knowing the state of the enemies is harmful – it is still necessary for us to know it – but it is treated as Fard Kifaayah. When some attend to it, then the harm is removed from the rest” up until he said: “So I consider that there is no criticism for the Ulamaa and the students of knowledge who take great concern for preserving the Sharee’ah of Allaah – in terms of the Book, the Sunnah and its understanding – for this is one of the duties of the Kifaayah actions. And I believe that these people are more superior, noble, truthful and of more benefit to Islaam than those who are weak in their knowledge of the religion of Allaah or those who have no share in acquainting themselves with it.”  [An excerpt from an article at titled: The Salafis and Looking into the Affairs of the Ummah]

[Ref 1: An Excerpt From ‘Noorul Basaa-ir Wal Albaab Fee Ahkaamil Ibaadaat Wal-Mu-aamalaat Wal Huqooq Wal Aadaab, page: 57-58′. Slightly paraphrased]

[Ref 2: An Excerpt from Tayseer Al-kareem Ar-Rahmaan Fee Tafseer kalaam Al-Mannaan By Imaam Sadi (rahimahullaah)] Slightly paraphrased]

[Ref 3: Fat-hul Raheemil Malikil Allaam Fee Ilmil Aqaa-id Wat-Tawheed Wal Akhlaaq Wal Ahkaam]

[Ref 4: The Responsibilities of the Student of Knowledge (pages: 15-16). slightly paraphrased

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