A Brief Reminder For The One Who Objects When We Use The Term Shaikh Whilst Referring to Some of The Senior Students

| Abdullah Jallow |

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Shaikh Hasan Al-Bannah [rahimahullaah] said:‏

All praise be to Allaah, maashaa’Allaah, they have organisation (in da’wah), they have a maktabah salafiyyah, they have a school, a kindergarten or primary school, all these things are tremendous and all praise be to Allaah they have big numbers with them. They also have with them many mashaayikh from amongst them Shaykh Abu Khadeejah, they have knowledge, with them is knowledge, and other than him like Shaykh Abu Hakeem Bilal. All of these maashaa’Allaah and many other people beside them – they are many people I met so I cannot recall their names – but those that are with them I find that they are upon khayr (goodness). Since they have many students of knowledge with them from their likes, so it is laazim (incumbent) that they traverse upon their way, because they have indibaat (firm discipline, groundedness), and all praise is due to Allaah, and they have cooperation and love for the sake of Allaah. They are from the best we have seen here from the different centres and (…) them upon steadfastness(..).” Listen To Audio Here:http://www.troid.ca/index.php/news/brief-benefits-inspirtational-quotes/1384-benefit-shaykh-hasan-ibn-abdul-wahhaab-al-bannaa-on-witnessing-salafi-publications

Therefore, brothers and sisters, this affair is as clear as the midday sun, because Shaikh Hasan Al-Bannah [rahimahullaah] sat with them, spoke to them and witnessed their affair. There’s none who knows the Maraatib of the recognised disseminators of sound knowledge – the teachers with Duroos in the Salafi Masaajid and Maraakiz– except that he will not object when this term is used whilst referring to some of those given this status. However, some people think that as soon as you use the term Shaikh, then you have exceeded the limits and have given them the status of Aalim, Al-Allaamah or Mujtahid; but rather they are Mashaayikh based on the level given to them by Shaikh Hasan Al-Bannah [rahimahullaah] and we know exactly what the Shaikh meant. If one of us were to give them the status of an Aalim, let alone Al-Allaamah, they would openly clarify our error. Likewise, neither do they demand to be called Shaikh nor raised above their status, but we give them the status they have been rightfully given. We say this whilst neither seeking the pleasure nor fearing the blame of anyone. Finally, we say, “May Allaah increase them in knowledge and firmness until they reach the highest level of Ilm and Taqwah, so that they continue to benefit us. Likewise, we ask Allaah to increase all of us in beneficial knowledge and righteous deeds, and bless the upcoming students of knowledge with firmness upon the Sunnah Aameen”.

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